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Brief: The event is the world’s largest vehicle and component pre-production as well as in-line and end-of-line assembly testing and validation technology and services exhibition, featuring 480+ exhibitors and attracting over 9,000 attendees.
Date: 16-18 June 2020
Location: Lyon Convention Center, Lyon, France
Event Website: https://www.testing-expo.com/europe/en/
Organiser Website: http://www.ukipme.com/

Visitors can expect to see the latest in ADAS testing, NVH measurement tools, test rigs, simulation packages, durability testing technologies, crash testing know-how, dynamometers, emission measurement systems and dynamic assessment tools, as well as countless service providers such as proving grounds and test facilities.

Product Development for Automotive Industry

Dothex Ltd provides you to embedded product development services from A to Z for the automotive industry. Proof of concept, project planning, electronic hardware design (Printed Circuit Board schematic and PCB layout), embedded software development, mobile, desktop and server software development, mechanical design, mass production of the product.
Website: www.dothex.net

Other embedded technology events: https://www.dothex.net/events/embedded-systems-europe-events-in-2020-(updated)

Embedded Systems Europe Events in 2020 (UPDATED)

Embedded systems, automation and electronics conferences, exhibitions and fairs are listed at the below. You can find details about the events on the links. The events are updated, new event will be added.

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All updated embedded systems events in this page!

The events are mostly cover these technology topics. Internet of things, industrial internet of things, artificial intelligence, electronics, robotics, big data, machine learning, automotive and automation. Detailed information about the events please click links on it.

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