Event Scope: ELECTRONICA 2020

Brief: Whether it comes to PCBs, semiconductors, sensors, connectors or displays: electronica is the best place to find out first which components, systems and applications are made possible by the latest developments. You can see the entire world of electronics here.
Date: 10-13 November 2020
Event Website: http://www.electronica.de/en/home
Location: Fairground Messe München, Bilbao, Spain
Organiser: Messe München GmbH

Auto Experience
Five theme-oriented forums and four prestigious conferences give you a look at future prospects and allow you to expand your knowledge on the topics of Automotive, Embedded, Wireless and Industry 4.0. The supporting program at the last electronica enthralled some 7,300 participants.

Product Development for Embedded Systems

Dothex Ltd offers product development consultancy services from A to Z for embedded systems. Proof of concept, project planning, electronic hardware design (Printed Circuit Board schematic and PCB layout), embedded software development, mobile, desktop and server software development, mechanical design, mass production of the product.
Website: www.dothex.net

Other embedded technology events: https://www.dothex.net/events/embedded-systems-europe-events-in-2020-(updated)

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