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Texas Instruments mmWave Workshop

Dothex attended to a great workshop which is presented by texas instruments and hosted remarkably by Hardware Pioneers in London, United Kingdom. The workshop offered a chance to feel how mmWave sensors works in IIoT applications to the embedded developers.

This workshop was ideal for hardware and embedded software engineers who are looking for new sensing technology to adopt in their industrial solutions and need extreme accuracy when measuring range, velocity and angle of objects.

mmWave is a valuable sensing technology for detection of objects and providing the range, velocity and angle of these objects. It is a contactless-technology which operates in the spectrum between 30GHz and 300GHz. Due to the technology’s use of small wavelengths it can provide less than 1mm range accuracy and is able to penetrate certain materials such as plastic, drywall, clothing, and is impervious to environmental conditions such as rain, fog, dust and snow.

The workshop run about 3 hours and the agenda of the event:

6:00 pm
Arrival and registration – Pizza and drinks will be served.6:20 pm
Event opening.
6:30 pm
Introduction to the FMCW radar:
– Principle of operation.
– Capabilities as a sensor: performance, insensitivity to the environment.
– Regulations overview.
7:00 pm
Out-of-box firmware and utilities:
– Capabilities, sensor configuration, user interface, data format.
7:15 pm
Hands-on: Experimenting with the out-of-box firmware.
8:00 pm
Inside TI’s radar devices:
– Portfolio overview; devices and systems block diagrams.
– Internal data flow: example of the out-of-box firmware.
– Advanced algorithms: example of the people counting firmware.
8:30 pm
Hands-on: High accuracy distance measurement (demos will be running in parallel):
– People counting.
– Vital signs monitoring.
– Gesture recognition.
9:00 pm
Networking and drinks.
9:30 pm
Event ends.

The tweet about the event : https://twitter.com/DothexLtd/status/1144593103778717696